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Consultation Menu

A Brief Explanation of the Menu...

The main goal of all chapter consultations is to make a chapter better. The menu format allows groups the flexibility to customize a consultation to fit their chapter’s needs and goals. Menu consultations have replaced chapter "visits," during which chapters have traditionally had little choice in the focus areas and items addressed, and rarely developed a lasting and continuing relationship after the staff member left. "Consultations" start long before the consultant arrives and continue throughout the academic year. The main role of the consultant is as a facilitator, or "someone who makes progress easier." By guiding the chapter through a process, he will increase the chapter's strength and effectiveness.

Consultation Menu Order Form

Review the "Menu" order form or continue reading to learn more about our leadership consultant program and to prepare for a chapter consultation.

Additional Officer Meetings – These meetings will consist of one-on-one meetings to address the basic responsibilities and resources of appropriate position.

    • Social Chairman
    • Alumni Relations Chairman
    • House Manager
    • Community Service/Philanthropy Chairman
    • Other Officers – at specific request of the chapter

Pursuit of Excellence Program Workshops

These workshops are designed to help a chapter improve in areas directly related to the PEP. Brief descriptions of each workshop are provided, as well as the intended audience and projected duration.

    • Pursuit of Excellence Program Strategy Session - Designed to help a chapter develop goals and action plans for the upcoming year based on the results from your chapter's previous PEP submission. (Ideally facilitated at the beginning of the academic year with the entire chapter.)
    • What is the Pursuit of Excellence Program – Gain an understanding of the program, including a brief history. Learn about available resources, find out how to create an excellent submission, how submissions are evaluated, and create a plan to guide the chapter to excellence. (1 hour with entire chapter or Executive Committee)

Values-Based Leadership

Sigma Nu transforms society through the commitment of its members to the Fraternity's founding principles, leadership and ethical living.

Service and Philanthropy

    • Helping Hand Initiative - Assess your chapter's current service and philanthropy plan and develop any needed improvements. (45 min. with Community Service and Philanthropy committee(s))

Values Congruent Environments

    • To Walk in the Way of Honor - Come to a better understanding of The Ritual through a discussion of the honor principle, and how it can help us be better brothers. Learn how the honor principle can help us make all brothers and guests feel safe and reassess your chapter's commitment to its values. (1-1.5 hours with chapter)
    • Learn more about The Ritual, including a brief history and overview of all ceremonies. (1 hour)
    • A Different Look at Hazing - Workshop options include a discussion on eliminating groupthink and bystander behavior, reviewing the hazing psychology and legal precedent, and properly identifying hazing and non-hazing activities. (1-2 hours with chapter depending on facilitation options)

Operational Excellence

Sigma Nu's organizational structure and internal operations will provide for the effective deployment of resources to deliver excellence in every facet of the Fraternity.

Recruitment and Manpower

    • Chapter-Level Recruitment - Assess and improve your chapter's recruitment strategy. Work together as a chapter to determine what you are looking for, self-evaluate, and set goals and practice skills to find success. Review the best skills to utilize when recruiting at the interpersonal level. Understand the purpose of using a Master Prospect List (MPL) as well as work to create the MPL that will help the chapter find success. Learn how to incorporate Sigma Nu's VBR Program. (1.5-2 hours with chapter)

Chapter Operations

    • Committees - Create or revamp your chapter's committee structure and learn about the importance of delegation. (1 hour with Executive Committee)
    • Officer Transition - Plan and implement an effective officer transition. (45 minutes with Executive Committee)
    • Motivation - Learn the differences between motivation/morale and positive/negative vs. intrinsic/extrinsic motivation. Discuss and develop strategies to improve the motivation of your chapter members. (45-60 minutes with Executive Committee)
    • Goal Setting - Identify the areas of needed improvement in your chapter and begin the process of establishing effective goals. Advance your chapter’s efforts by establishing a mission and vision, and developing a comprehensive plan to achieve them. (1-2 hours with Chapter depending on facilitation options)

In addition to the PEP workshops mentioned above, consultants encourage each chapter to select at least one LEAD session. These sessions include those the consultant is most prepared to facilitate. However, chapters are more than welcome to select any LEAD session from the program and inform the consultant prior to his visit.

Phase I: The Way of Honor
Session 1: Fraternity
Session 4: Sigma Nu: International Organization & Chapter Operations
Session 5: Risk Reduction
Session 8: Leadership: The Basics
Session 10: Ritual: The End...The Beginning
Session 11: Community Service

Phase II: The Life of Love
Session 3: Visionary Leadership
Session 4: Effective Change
Session 7: Controversy with Civility
Session 8: Living Our Values

Phase IV: The End… The Beginning
Session 3: Servant Leadership
Session 5: Conflict

Module A: Personal Development
Session 6: Diversity
Module B: Chapter Operations
Session 2: Delegation
Session 3: Effective Meetings
Session 7: Accountability


Leadership consultants are also equipped to offer teambuilding services to the chapter. This might include facilitating team and brother-building activities for the chapter, a committee, or candidate class. Consultants can also teach one or more officers how to facilitate and select teambuilding activities for incorporation in chapter operations (e.g. candidate education, officer transitions, recruitment, social events).

    • Understand how to effectively facilitate teambuilding and incorporate teambuilding activities into chapter operations. (45 minutes)
    • Participate in a series of teambuilding activities (1 hour or more, depending on chapter needs)

Prepare for your next chapter consultation by downloading and completing the "Menu" order form. Completed order forms should be emailed to your chapter’s leadership consultant for review prior to the on-site consultation.

Consultation Menu Order Form

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